The Breath

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A lot of people many times ask me why the Breath? Why should I pay attention to a function of our bodies that happens naturally, that is under autonomic control?

I always answer the same way, because it is the most fundamental thing in life. Oxygen is our means of energy, without energy to power the body, there is no life. The breath is the gateway back to our bodies, back into an incredible piece of engineering 4.5 billion years in the making. 

Breathing acts as a remote control for our nervous system. Similar to the one you use for your AC, that allows you to set the thermostat temperature according to what is happening in the environment. Our senses have been crafted by evolution to sense information in totally different environments. You need to constantly calibrate them to the right position. Most of us believe that we are prisoners of our biology and genes, never realizing we can customize most of our functions, as Robert Brault states. 

Humans have mastered adaptation. We have understood that certain repeated actions create specific results. We know that if we lift weights our muscles will get stronger over time. That, if we run for longer we can build endurance. That, if we study we can learn. 

With the right level of awareness, we can reprogram ourselves to our goals and desires. How we breathe influences our mind and how we think influences our breath. 

Today we live in such a way that our systems are overworked, burnt out, and exhausted of resources. This puts us in a state in which our biology is not working for us, but rather against us. Gaining control of your breath is the gateway to regaining power over your choice of what is happening next to you or in you. 

The breath is the key to accessing a state of ease in which you can choose how to respond. 

This is a skill, it requires a learning curve. It all starts with awareness 

Trust the intelligence relies on you. You are nature. 


Breathe, sleep, eat, move